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It starts with the health benefits of human-donated milk

Breast milk from a nursing mother is best. But when it's not available, this is the next best thing. Learn how
HDM Plus™ is helping at-risk infants get the nutrition they need to grow up strong.

The best for at-risk infants

The nutrients found in breast milk are essential to the growth and development of premature and low birth weight infants.  No kind of formula can provide what nature intended.


The best of the best

Not all human donated milk is the same.  Many companies add synthetic fortifiers or preservatives to make it last longer.  But not HDM Plus™.  Learn just how different - and how better - we are.


The best gift from nursing moms

The milk we use comes from generous and caring moms like you.  If you're nursing and want to share the gift of nutrition with at-risk infants, click below to learn more about donating.

Nature-Intended. Science-Enabled.

Not all donated milk is created equal. See how HDM Plus™ takes steps to provide the healthiest milk to at-risk infants.
No Synthetic Additives

Unlike other offerings, including formula brands, HDM Plus™ uses NO synthetic additives, stabilizers or preservatives.

FDA-Approved Handling

All of our handling, sterilizing and storage processes have been approved by the FDA for the highest levels of safety and health.

Triple-Testing for Safety

Every donation is triple-tested for safety both before and after the milk is received. For more information on our screening, click here ›

Calorically Enhanced

Using a proprietary (patent pending) system, HDM Plus™ is calorically enhanced - providing the highest nutrient content per ounce.

Temperature Controlled

Our state-of-the-art receiving facility ensures consistent temperature and minimizes freezing to preserve the highest nutritional content.

Genetic Testing of Donations

Part of our triple screening process includes DNA testing protocols to ensure that received donations are safe and free of any microbes.

Meet our Experienced Team of Doctors

HDM Plus™ is advised by some of the nation's leading pediatric and medical professionals.

Keith Balderston, MD

Ni-Q Medical Advisor

Nursing moms provide the best healthcare for at-risk infants

Join the growing community of caring donors

Ni-Q proudly supports the work
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Ni-Q proudly supports the work
of the
St. Jude Foundation