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The Science

The Science

HDM Plus™ and the value of human donated milk

The essence of science is testing

The promise of HDM Plus™ is triple testing for safety
Nursing Moms are Tested

Prior to becoming a donor, a nursing mom must take a blood test and provide a DNA swab. This is to ensure that the mom's milk is free of any harmful contaminants, like drugs or alcohol, or blood borne pathogens.

Genetic Testing of Donations

Whenever a donation is received, it is re-tested to ensure that it meets the highest levels of safety. We want to provide clinicians and new parents with the strongest levels of confidence in the donated milk they're receiving.

Lab Testing to Ensure Safety

The final step in the testing process occurs prior to the handling of the donated breast milk. Every donation is re-tested for blood borne pathogens and tested to ensure no microbial contamination has occurred in transit or in handling.

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Meet our Experienced Team of Doctors

HDM Plus™ is advised by some of the nation's leading pediatric and medical professionals.

David Adamkin, MD

Ni-Q Medical Advisor

Keith Balderston, MD

Ni-Q Medical Advisor